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Get A Bridging Loan Along With Your Mortgage

You may require funds to inject into your business or to assist you in purchasing or refurbishing an investment property. Even if there already is a mortgage on your main home, you may have enough equity to use your main residence as security for a bridging loan. You would grant us a second charge over your house and we would advance the agreed funds to you within a week or two of your application, to provide the required injection of funds.

There are various reasons for wanting a bridging loan on your main home. You might be purchasing another property as your main residence, in advance of the sale date of your old home, and you therefore require a bridging loan for a few months.

Alternatively, you might wish to keep your old home as an investment and rent it out - our loan would enable you to purchase your new home and give you time to arrange a long term buy to let mortgage on your existing home.

You may wish to use our short term funding to take advantage of an investment opportunity or other purpose, and if you have enough equity in your main home this could allow the extra borrowing.

There is practically no restriction on what a second charge loan from Bridging Loans Ltd can be used for:

  • Investment Property - purchase a buy to let property by utilising the remaining equity in your main residence.
  • Business - use our second charge home loans to provide a short term injection of cash into your business, or use our loan to upgrade your business premises.
  • Tax - you may have to urgently come up with funds to pay tax or VAT liability.
  • Buy to Let - expand your property portfolio by unlocking the funds in your main residence.

Bridging Loans Ltd is able to arrange a second charge residential bridging loan quickly and efficiently for the above purposes. You are generally free to utilise the funds however you choose.

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