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Personal Bridging Loans

Get A Short-Term Loan To Assist With Any Debt Problems That May Arise

As a specialist bridging lender, we are able to consider all types of properties – both residential type properties and commercial properties – to provide funds quickly and with few restrictions on the purpose of the loan funds.

Bridging Loans Ltd can provide personal bridging loans within a matter of days, once we have obtained a valuation report on your property. The type of property would generally come within two categories – residential or commercial.

Personal Bridging Loans – Residential Investment Properties

Our speciality is providing funds on our clients’ investment properties for a minimum period of three months and a maximum of six months, although longer terms can be considered. We do not lend on short term bridging where the borrower is purchasing a new home and having to wait a few weeks before the sale of his existing home, as this is not an investment purpose. Neither will we lend on someone’s own home where the funds are to be used for personal purposes. However, we do specialise in providing funds for investment purposes, for example, building up a portfolio of buy-to-let properties, or funds for refurbishing your investment properties for either future rental or sale to a third party. Additionally we are able to provide a personal bridging loan for borrowers utilising the equity in their investment properties with the purpose of funding a further investment or for a variety personal purposes. All types of residential investment properties are considered – flats, detached houses, semis and terraced.

Personal Bridging Loans – Commercial Investment Properties

You may have a portfolio of commercial properties, for example shops, semi-commercial, offices, warehouses etc. Or you may already be operating your business out of your offices / factory. Depending on the equity in your commercial properties, we are able to provide personal bridging finance on these properties, whereby Bridging Loans Ltd is able to lend you funds secured on your property, and you can use these funds for any purpose whatsoever – either personal or business or a combination of both. You may require some of the funds for your business cashflow purposes but you could also use some of the funds to build an extension on your home!

Whether you require a personal bridging loan for residential investment purposes or for commercial purposes, our experienced underwriting team will be able to assist you. Please email us on or call us on 0141 332 8884. Alternatively, visit our rates page for more information about our different bridging loan rates.

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