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We Can Lend To Both Individuals & Companies In The UK

Bridging Loans Ltd is able to lend to companies as well as individuals. The limited company must be registered in the United Kingdom, with a registered address in England, Scotland or Wales.

We would require a first or second charge over one or more of the business's property assets. Examples of such assets would be offices, warehouses, shops, factories, land etc. If the company is a property developer or investor, we could take security of the companies’ residential land or property investments.

Bridging Loans Ltd can provide bridging funding for any purpose related to the business e.g. office renovation, stock purchases, company cars, cash flow purposes. If the directors or share holders of the company require releasing funds from the business, for personal purposes, they would first require having a sufficient director’s loan account and this would enable them to withdraw the proceeds of the bridging loan from the company. Where we lend to a company we require the loan to be guaranteed by the directors. We will provide the paperwork to put the guarantees in place and we would require the directors to obtain independent legal advice from their solicitor. Once the bridging loan is repaid the directors are released from their personal guarantees and the property over which Bridging Loans Ltd has security, would be dis-charged immediately.

If you are interested in a bridging loan to a company registered in the United Kingdom please contact us on 0141 332 8884 and we will discuss your funding requirements.

To find out more about our bridging loan rates, visit our rates page which addresses the different loans we have available

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