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Bridging Loans Ltd is able to provide bridging for most types of shops take-aways, restaurants, retail, service industries e.g. mortgage brokers, opticians etc. The shop may already be owned by you in which case you could raise funds for either personal or business purposes, or you may be looking for finance to assist you in the purchase of a shop or similar retail premises. As long as you have enough equity to put towards the purchase we can provide the balance of the required finance, up to 65% of the value of the shop. You could use business premises already owned by you as security for a bridging loan to assist you to purchase another shop or retail outlet. As previously mentioned we might even be able to provide a bridging loan on your existing shop, with the funds being used for personal purposes e.g. funding an extension to your home.


Bridging Loans Ltd is able to provide funding secured on your existing office premises or on offices you are purchasing. You may require a loan in order to provide funds to refurbish your existing office or perhaps to provide an injection of cash into your business, or as previously mentioned, the bridging loan could be to provide funds for you to use for personal purchases.


We can lend short term funds to your business to assist in purchasing warehouse premises to expand your business. Alternatively if you have a warehouse which you require to refurbish or extend, Bridging Loans Ltd could provide the funds for this purpose. Or of course you could use the equity in the value of your warehouse to raise finance for cashflow purposes to purchase stock for your business or for personal purposes.

Whichever type of property you wish to purchase or already own, Bridging Loans Ltd is able to help with the funding in a fast, effective and efficient manner.

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