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Bridging Loans Ltd specialises in providing funding for property development, at a time when the high street lenders have exited this sector and are no longer able or willing to support their existing developer clients. We can provide funding for residential extensions (investment properties only), house plots (maximum 4 detached or 8 terraced/semis), small flatted developments, warehouses, small office developments, and conversions of offices to residential. Subject to size and cost we will consider most development projects, throughout the UK, within the above criteria. So please call us with your funding requirements on 0141 332 8884.

You may have unencumbered land in which case we can lend up to 50% of the land value at the outset of the development and very often 100% of the build costs. After the commencement of the development, our surveyor would re-inspect every month or so in order to ratify the further periodic drawdown's of funds as the development progresses. We may also be able to roll the interest on the bridging loan until the end of the building project and of course you will only pay interest on the amount of funds actually drawn down at a particular point time.

Once we have carried out a development appraisal, we will discuss and agree with the developer how the building project is to be carried out, for example, using a main contractor who may be registered with the NHBC or using a smaller contractor, or indeed the developer's own building team, supervised at each stage by an architect, who would then sign off the project for mortgage purposes. There are several ways of putting the CML Certification in place and we are able to point you in the right direction. The development costs may be provided in advance or in arrears depending on the initial value of the land being developed and this would always be followed by stage payments, released in accordance with the surveyor’s periodic inspections and valuation of the project. This is a niche market and an area which we have much experience. The developer is able to speak directly to our underwriting team in order to arrange periodic surveyor inspections at short notice and with a result that the developer receives the required staged funding within a few days of his request. This is a much quicker process than other bridging lenders and development funders and we can provide personal attention throughout the time span of the development project. This allows the project to flow smoothly and swiftly and allows the building work to be completed within the desired time frame. The major clearing banks are not interest in financing these smaller projects and indeed may only look at lending on completed developments, where they can provide long term finance. Therefore, our developers will generally have a choice whether to sell the completed properties or re-finance with a high street lender, in order to repay our development loan.

Full Development Cycle Package

We can provide the professional expertise to prepare the development appraisal, land valuation, ongoing supervision of the project for mortgage purposes, building control inspections, and structural warranty, all through our comprehensive panel of property professionals… all you need to do is provide the builder. This represents a time and cost saving and should guarantee the smooth running of your project, all of which will produce a larger profit for the developer at the end of the project.

As you are always able to speak with a decision maker at Bridging Loans Ltd, you will always receive a rapid response to your queries and a quick decision regarding the funding requirements. The advantage which we have over the high street banks is the ability to provide swift decision making and the ability to fund building projects which would not normally secure funding from the banks. Bridging Loans Ltd will always endeavour to provide a funding solution for your property development.

The proof of this is the number of developer clients who come back to Bridging Loans Ltd to fund their subsequent projects.

Please call us on 0141 332 8884 to discuss you development funding requirements.

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