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Farmland Bridging Loans

Invest In A New/Current Farm With A Loan

If you are purchasing farmland or indeed an entire farm, or expanding or refinancing your existing farm, we hope to be able to fund your purchase / refinance.

You might be looking to carry out improvements to your farm buildings or purchase some land from a neighbouring farmer. Or you may wish to purchase new farm machinery or additional live stock, or perhaps you require to boost your cash flow until you receive payment from your customers, or from the government e.g. for milk quotas.

We are able to provide funding for loan periods of between three and nine months, and these would be secured on your farm premises e.g. farm house, grazing / arable land and out buildings. You can therefore unlock the value present in your farm to provide funding when you most need it.

The surveyors we use to assess and value farms and farmland, are specialist surveyors with years of experience and knowledge in farm valuations, providing you with the comfort of knowing the current value of your farm.

As we are a principle lender we are able to make instant funding decisions, and this in turn allows us to complete the bridging finance on your farm as quickly as possible.

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