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Get A Bridging Loan On A Commercial Property

Bridging Loans Ltd is able to provide commercial bridging finance on most types of commercial property, for example shops, offices, factories, warehouses and some commercial land e.g. farm land.

The security property may be property already owned by you or property which you are intending to purchase with bridging funding from Bridging Loans Ltd. You might be looking to obtain bridging finance quickly in order to benefit from a business opportunity or you might have a chance to buy some commercial property or land at a reduced purchase price.

For commercial property purchased at an auction, you would normally be required to put down a 10% deposit on the day of purchase and then pay the balance 28 days later. We are usually able to provide up to 65% of the auction price and we are able to provide the funding for a period of 9 months and in certain circumstances up to 18 months. We only require short notice in order to get the ball rolling. The bridging finance can usually be repaid through the sale of your property or by re-mortgaging it through a high street or secondary lender.

A commercial bridging loan from Bridging Loans Ltd can of course be used to provide a capital injection for your business, to purchase stock or to pay a VAT bill or tax bill. The bridging loan would be secured on your business property and can be repaid after 3 months when your business cash flow improves.

Our experienced underwriting department will endeavour to make the bridging process as straight forward as possible and can assist you and your solicitor with our enquiries in order to provide the required finance within as short a period of time as possible.

You can even apply for funding of commercial property development, something which most other lenders are currently unable to consider.

Commercial bridging finance can be procured for the following:

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