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Bridging Loans Ltd. has 20 years of experience in short term loans, bridging loans and development finance to individuals and companies all over the UK. Our professional underwriting staff are highly experienced in all types of cases and with their knowledge of local and national markets we are able to offer our borrowers the best package to suit their needs.

As the bridging market is highly competitive, our expertise is critical to enabling you and your clients to obtaining the correct type of loan. Our underwriters operate in a highly professional and transparent manner. All of our bridging loan applicants can apply to our company with confidence knowing that their application will be dealt with expediently and with a high degree of care and sensitivity. We aim to respond to all new enquiries within 24 hours, and produce lending terms immediately wherever possible. We realise that it is essential to process individual cases as quickly as possible as our borrowers often require funds within a very short period from the date of their application. You will always be dealing with decision makers or will have access to underwriting decisions within the shortest period of time.

Quick Funding Decision

Most of our borrowers require a quick injection of funds to secure the purchase of land or property at the outset of their investment or development project or they may need a cash injection to complete a development project. We have very competitive interest rates and while these are determined by the type of loan (development or bridging finance), the location of the property and the amount of funds required, we will do our utmost to match or beat our competitor’s rates.

The past few years has seen a reduction in activity in the domestic housing market and the commercial market place and the high street banks are no longer able to make quick decisions. It may take your bank months to process an application and at the end of which their decision may be negative. Bridging Loans Ltd. aims to provide decisions within 24 hours or sooner and even though we are a principle lender there may be scenarios where we are unable to provide a funding solution. We would always explain our decision and can even put you in touch with an alternative lender who may be able to provide the required finance.

Bridging Finance – Funds Available for Lending, Quick Decisions, Finance Within Days

As we are the actual lender – not a broker, we can tailor our loans to suit your exact requirements, for example pay some interest upfront; roll the interest to the end of the loan etc. Unlike many of our competitors we are not dependant on external sources of finance and have never had to turn down a loan due to lack of funding.

We can accept the following types of security for a short term bridging loan:


  • Commercial Loans
  • Shops, Offices or Warehouses
  • Restaurants and Takeaways
  • Land with / without planning permission
  • Farms and Farmland
  • Property Development Finance
  • UK Companies
  • Commercial auction properties


  • Residential
  • Main Residence
  • Buy-to-let properties
  • Building Finance
  • Land with / without planning permission
  • Second Home / Holiday Home
  • Auction Properties
  • Property Loans

Second charge loans for all types of investment and business purposes

One of our many products is a second charge bridging loan. You may need to release some equity from your current investment property or even from your own home in order to invest in your business or in a new investment property. If so, a second charge bridging loan would enable you to obtain your existing loan against your property and apply for a second loan also secured against the same property. This type of loan may be used for a variety of purposes and ofcourse our loan would have flexible repayment.

Why choose Bridging Loans Ltd.?

  • We are a Principle Lender, not a broker, so if you come to us direct you will not have any broker fees to pay. We can tailor your bridging loan to your specific requirements and your financial situation.
  • If you are a broker or introducer, we can offer you extremely good rates of commission and will keep you informed of the progress on your clients bridging or development loan at all times. We are happy to liaise with either yourself or direct with the client according to your preference.
  • We endeavour to process all loan applications as quickly as possible.
  • Our friendly staff are available to answer your enquiries and aim to keep you updated at all stages of the loan transaction including any requests for specific details on the case.
  • We operate with strict integrity and appreciate that many loan enquiries are often of a sensitive nature.
  • As long as you are able to provide us with security over a residential or commercial property in a satisfactory location and a value approved by our independent surveyors then in most cases we should be able to approve your loan application. Even if you have an adverse credit history or difficult financial circumstances, we should be able to tailor your loan and interest payments to your specific requirements. Be assured that at all times we will adopt a professional and impartial approach.
  • Obtaining bridging finance from Bridging Loans Ltd. is a straight forward and transparent procedure and we apply common sense to our lending, rather than the often ridged criteria applied by high street banks.